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BVI is Inspiring!

We believe that travel is an inspiration; a journey out to re-connect with self and others in ways that helps to reset our compass. The British Virgin Islands provides the perfect escape from the grinds of life to a place that inspires you. With over fifty islands, cays, inlets and rocks splattered over miles of glittering crystal clear ocean, powder white sandy beaches and rolling green hills, there is sure to be a spot that says “stay here awhile and I will inspire you”.

There is so much for the soul seeking to re-connect, whether through relaxation, adventure, exploration or just getting into the local vibe. From billionaire private island stays to boutique resorts and hotels to locally owned hotels and villas, there is a place to suit your taste or budget. If the ocean inspires you, then BVI is heaven…a sailor’s paradise. You can have breakfast on one island, lunch on another and close down the bar after dinner on another…all while navigating one of the most scenic and nature-inspiring places in the Caribbean.

In between your relaxation and adventure, you are sure to meet some warm and welcoming people to connect with and help you find your inspiration. Whether they are native BVIslanders or the many from all corners of the world who have chosen the BVI to share their hospitality, BVI people will show you the way to inspiration.

The BVI Inspired Travel directors are a native BVIslander who formerly served as Director of Tourism and a BVI inspired traveller who fell in love with the BVI in 1989 and has been sharing it with others since. Together, our mission is to provide you with a bespoke travel experience of the BVI that will inspire you!

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